Depending on your dress style or your alterations needs, you’ll have approximately 3 fitting appointments. All wedding gowns are ordered to the closest size to fit, therefore almost every dress needs some sort of alteration from a hem to a bustle, to taking in or letting out in certain areas. Therefore it is likely it will NOT fit properly at your first fitting appointment. 

At the first appointment your Seamstress will pin the dress in all of the right places so our Dress maker can start customizing your dress to your body. This is where the customized Bridalxoxo Fit process begins.


There are a number of ways you can alter a dress to make it your own:


  • Sleeves: We can add straps or sleeves to any strapless gown. We can adjust the lengths of existing sleeves.
  • Corset Backs: If your gown has a back zipper and you wish to change the look or need to let the dress out or in, ask your dressmaker, Anna Putignano, to show you the corset back option.
  • Bustles: A bustle is created by elegantly draping and securing the train to the back of the wedding dress in order to allow the bride to move freely, safely, and hit the dance floor. 
  • Belts and Applique: BridalXOXO can customize any dress by using accessories and appliqué techniques. Many brides choose to wear their mother’s wedding dress, but have it updated by Anna Putignano. Anna has fashioned many of these gowns for her brides, whether for walking down the aisle or wearing at the rehearsal dinner or post wedding reception.


Your dressmaker, Anna Putignano, can create the look that’s just your style,

from simple and subtle to intricate and detailed. Visit our shop in Las Vegas for all of your bridal alterations needs. 

You should plan on one hour for your first fitting appointment for a wedding gown, and a half an hour for each bridesmaid or special occasion dress. You must bring the bra, slip and shoes that you will be wearing on your event date for the first fitting and every fitting thereafter. The dress will be fitted and pinned to show you the best alterations for an ideal fit. For long wedding gowns with a train, you will be shown the bustle options. During the first appointment, the fees for the recommended alterations will be discussed so you can agree upon the look that best suits your needs and budget. You will pay for the agreed to alterations, receive a copy of the alterations ticket, and schedule your pick up fitting appointment. We offer complimentary pressing or steaming once alterations are completed.

Our goal is to perfect the fit of your garment while staying within your budget. The cost of alterations is based upon the complexity and difficulty of each task, so our dressmaker, Anna Putignano, will need to see you in the garment to discuss fit enhancements and options.


Payment for alterations/customization is due at the time of your first fitting. Additional charges may apply to rush orders (needed within 15 days). Remember to budget for the cost of alterations and bustling when choosing the gown of your dreams. For example, you might get an incredible deal on a clearance style that is not the correct size, but the complex alterations could cost you more than the amount you saved. And, if your gown has a long train, bustling is necessary to move freely and comfortably during your reception.

Absolutely! No matter where you bought your gown, whether at BridalXoxo in Las Vegas, another shop, or even if it is an heirloom passed down to you, we can alter it. Sometimes though, it is impossible to get the exact same fabrics and lace that your dress was originally made with; however, we will always match everything as best as we can, and you will be able to look at it and approve it before we do anything. Just remember though, new technology can sometimes reveal a difference in the fabrics and lace in videos and pictures, but that is rare.