BridalXOXO, A Las Vegas Bridal shop offers a variety of support for your wedding gown. We will steam all the wrinkles in your gown or dress by relaxing each fabric layer with our steaming treatment. With our professional hands on approach, we can care for silk fabrics and all other fabrics that require dry pressing instead of steaming, all with the same finishing results. Our steaming department is for our members accompanied by alterations and/or as well as for our couples coming to Las Vegas for their Wedding.



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Destination Wedding Services

If you are traveling to Las Vegas for your wedding, the last thing you want to worry about is the condition in which your wedding gown will arrive after you travel thousands of miles for your special day.

What if your gown is wrinkled or damaged by baggage handlers and your don’t have time to fix it? Well, we got you covered! You can ship us your gown, days in advance! Bridalxoxo Las Vegas Bridal shop will prepare your wedding gown for you and will deliver your dress in perfect condition ready for you to put on.

Where else will you find a Bridal shop that will offer you to receive your wedding gown in advance of your wedding, dress it in advance, we will steam it and get it delivered at your Hotel room? All you need to do is relax and prepare for your special moment. If you are coming to Vegas to get married but you are worried about your wedding gown, why not have a hassle- free experience by shipping it in advance?


Click to contact us or call us at (702) 966‑9717 and we will be very happy to prepare your wedding dress for you.